Hands up if you value fantastic support 👋🏻

Yup? Well let's be frank.

We're all in business to be in business, aren't we? But the costs of services we rely upon to give you that great support have flown off the charts recently: managed hosting, up by 30%, backup services, almost 50%.

We've absorbed these increases, so far, making things challenging for us. To say the least. If we're going to maintain the standard of support and colocation hosting we provide, it's simple: we have to update our pricing.

How will this affect you?

Look, it's never easy talking about money, is it?

But – despite increased costs – our support fees have remained consistent for over a decade. So, from January 2023, the core monthly cost for Care Plan will be adjusted to 240 GBP + VAT.

There's no need to do anything: your Direct Debit will be updated automatically. And we will continue delivering the same great service you value, across Care Plan, managed hosting and support.

Take a look at our Care Plan features.