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This is all about the way we work and how we deliver results. We need to talk. Ten years is a long time… Experience has taught us that two things make for a great project: great planning and great communication.

So, putting our clients at the centre of what we do, we’ve figured out an approach to digital projects that ensures that every piece of work we deliver achieves just what it set out to.

Before starting work we produce a few easy to understand project documents – these reiterate our understanding of the brief, its scope and the stakeholders that will help to shape the end result.

We’ll then run a series of workshops, where your team will meet ours; during which we’ll talk about your ambitions for the project, any requirements you might have such as usability, accessibility, and work through what your audience will be looking for when they connect to the finished product.

Once we’re all happy with what we want to achieve, we’ll set up a detailed plan online via our project management system.

From there, we’ll aim to give you a window into the project: you’ll see what we’re working on at any point in the process, with key milestones for us and for you.

Experience tells us that the more time you can invest in working with us, the more return you’ll see. It also tells us that combining total clarity and continued communication during a project guarantees quality every time.

We use Basecamp, InVision and Harvest to get things done!